Caring for your Colchesters

Since Colchesters are meant to be worn in your daily everyday life- they might see a mud puddle or two! Luckily, canvas sneakers are very simple to clean. 

1. Rub with soap and water. We do not advise washing your Colchesters in a washing machine. Take a damp cloth and a gentle soap (like castille) and rub the canvas upper. Use a toothbrush for toe cap and sole. 

2. Let Dry. Air dry is best for Colchesters, we do not recommend tossing them in a dryer. Stuff paper in the sneakers for shaping as they dry, replacing wet paper if needed.

White Sneakers: 

Mix baking soda and vinegar in a non-metallic bowl until a paste forms. Before cleaning your shoes, remove the laces to expose as much of the white surface as possible. Then, drench your Colchesters in cold water and scrub them with the paste. Once they’re thoroughly coated, hand wash your sneakers in cold water and detergent, rinse with clean, cold water. Let air dry.