The History

Our mission is simple: bring back some incredible sneakers, share the story behind it, provide a high quality shoe and give impeccable customer service while doin' it. The cherry on the top is getting to meet and learn all about our customers (you!). Hearing your excitement and seeing photos of our customers in their Colchesters makes it all worth it.  

Our story began in 2004, when a pair of mysterious sneakers were discovered in the bottom of a closet at an estate sale out of Vista, Calif. After some tedious research, we uncovered the story of Colchester Rubber Co. We decided these sneakers and this company, shuttered in 1892, were way too extraordinary to keep stashed away. 

We are a group of vintage sneaker and history folks who love what we do- some of us have over 30 years of experience in vintage clothing, trends and history. Each of us handles a different aspect of the Colchester Rubber Co., combining into something special. 

We provide a high quality, carefully curated vintage sneaker that leaves no detail unnoticed, from our historically accurate shoe details down to the Victorian era newspaper tissue print your sneakers come wrapped in. We hope you enjoy these sneakers as much as we do.